Ponderosa...At Home

While temperatures are high in Northern California, there are some great ways to beat the heat this summer. Here are five simple tips to help you keep cool and enjoy the rest of this warm season.

  • Get fit! Exercise in the early morning or early evening to prevent heat-related illnesses.
  • Be cool as a cucumber. Stick a hot-water bottle in the freezer to create an ice pack that will keep you from overheating while sleeping.
  • Ease up on the hot water. Take showers with cool or tepid water temperature.
  • Turn down the lights in your home. Not only will dimming your lights help to save on your electric bill, it will also keep indoor temps cooler.
  • Stay refreshed! Keep a spray bottle in the refrigerator to mist your face after spending time outdoors.


We hope you are enjoying your summer and find these cooling tips to be useful!

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