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The summer season is just around the corner! Now’s the perfect time to get your house ready before the warm weather hits, and we’ve gathered some great seasonal maintenance tips.

During the summer months, you’ll be using the outdoor spaces of your home just as much as the indoor. Start off by doing away with any yard debris and giving all your trees, bushes and plants a good trim. Getting rid of any overgrowth or fallen leaves and twigs will help keep the bugs and critters away. Plus, pruning keeps your yard looking nicely landscaped and the plants healthy in the long run.

Porches, walkways, patios and driveways—keeping these surfaces clean boosts your home’s curb appeal and makes your outdoor spaces more inviting. Sweep away any free-floating debris and then use a pressure washer with detergent. Scrubbing with soap and water should do the trick for any stubborn embedded dirt.

Next up is windows. Wash both the interior and exterior of all your windows with warm water and soap so you can keep an extra close eye on the kids when they’re playing outside. And don’t forget about the window screens. Hot, soapy water and a brush will have them looking brand new.

Since you’re more likely to turn on your air conditioner during the summer months, this is the time to inspect your windows and doors. Adding fresh sealant to any cracks or gaps will keep any cool air from escaping—and ultimately save energy and money. This will also help keep hot air and unwanted pests out of your house.

Don’t let the air quality inside your home add to those summer allergies. Take a damp rag to all ceiling fans and clean the vents and filters before firing up the air conditioner. It’s never a bad idea to get your air conditioner inspected by a professional to ensure that your unit is working properly, safely and efficiently.

Prepping your home for the season can be a lot of work. But once you’ve gone through all the steps, you can sit back, relax and play it cool this summer!

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Spring has sprung and now that we’re all firmly into the new season, it’s time to go beyond the annual spring cleaning with some seasonal home maintenance tips.

Winter weather means cold mornings, rainy nights and falling leaves, but now that the sun is shining it’s time to make sure your roof survived all that wear and tear. Check your roof for any signs of damage, look for cracks or missing shingles. If you came across any leaks during the rainy months, now is the perfect time to fix them while the weather cooperates.

Next up is the gutters. These pipelines face the same elements as your roof, so it’s important to keep them clean and unclogged. Check for loose or leaky portions and be aware that improper drainage can cause water to leak into the little nooks and crannies of your home.

An important part of general maintenance is to examine and check your chimney. The winter months are when it’s most in use, so have the flue inspected and the interior cleaned because you don’t want to be inhaling the remnants of winter throughout the year.

Lastly, it’s time to clean your decks, driveways and other exterior surfaces. No need to go overboard with a power washer, just make sure to thouroughly clean each surface specifically for its material. A wooden deck has different needs than a cement driveway, so make sure the tools and products you use will help increase the life of these outdoor areas.

Now that you’re home is back in tip-top shape, enjoy the beautiful days and warm weather the sunshine state will bring. Happy spring!

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