Thank You

Thank You

Thank you for submitting your service request form.

Due to the increase in COVID cases in California, we are limited in what work we can schedule in your homes to execute the Work Orders created from your Customer Service Requests. Our employees are also being asked to not enter homes unless it is absolutely required and for work of a serious nature. All requests are being processed daily and will be addressed as soon as possible including the initial Visit to your home to review your customer service items.

I know this is very frustrating especially because we are all at home more than ever so those items that you see every day can be annoying. Please know that we have the records and if you request it, our Customer Service department can send you an Open Work Order Report for your home so you can verify that we have your items in the queue.

Again, emergencies as described in your Buyer Orientation Walk-through package will be handled as required. Please follow the Emergency Procedures to report a true emergency.

Wishing you a safe summer,

Ponderosa Homes