The Village at Ironwood - {A 55 AND BETTER COMMUNITY}

Pleasanton, CA

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The Village at Ironwood in Pleasanton


Pleasanton is the perfect setting for The Village at Ironwood. Fresh starts come naturally here. Traditions grow quickly. Your interests are woven into the fabric of this 55 Years and Better community, and you’re free to pursue them. It’s what makes home the place where you love being. From the array of flexible floor plans to the resort amenities at The Village Club, come explore a life that’s tailored to fit you like your favorite brand of shoes.

You have an open invitation to fill your calendar with the good times you’ve earned. New neighbors become fast friends, whether you’re dealing a hand of Texas Hold ’Em or hosting an anniversary party at the clubhouse. Organize an excursion to the city for a matinee or shop your way around nearby Stoneridge Mall. Camaraderie is contagious here. When family visits, they feel welcome. When you travel, you feel reassured. The Village at Ironwood has a way of being exactly what you had in mind.

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